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* The King of Pokélantis has the same Japanese and English voice actors as the narrator.
*The King of Pokélantis' possession of Ash has become a major Internet meme among Japanese fans. Numerous mash-up videos have been made and posted on sites like {{wp|Nico Nico Douga}} and {{wp|YouTube}}, combining video of Ash (either under possession or simply looking angry) with voice clips of Yami Bakura from ''{{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh!}}'' (also voiced by [[Rica Matsumoto]]) in a humorous manner. Ash, in this Internet meme, is known as '''{{tt|闇|やみ}}サトシ''', ''{{tt|Yami|Dark}} Satoshi'', similar to possessed characters in ''Yu-Gi-Oh!''.
** Mathias Klenske, the Danish voice of Ash, also dubs the non-yami version of Bakura in ''Yu-Gi-Oh!''.
** Fábio Lucindo, the Brazilian voice of Ash, was also the second voice of Bakura in the Brazil dub of ''Yu-Gi-Oh!''.