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Mt. Coronet

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Finding Feebas: rephrase
===Finding Feebas===
{{p|Feebas}} is an elusive find in Mt. Coronet, similar to that of {{rt|119|Hoenn|Hoenn Route 119}}. Instead of fishing in any location as customary with most Pokémon, Feebas is located in only four water blocks within the foggy underground lake leading to {{rt|216|Sinnoh}}. There is no easy method to determine which block contains Feebas, as the only way is to drop a line into each and every water block in the lake. Finding Feebas here, compared to its [[Hoenn]] counterpart, is slightly harder as Feebas is not guaranteed to take the bait even if the right water block is found (due to {{p|Magikarp}} and {{p|Barboach}}, or {{p|Gyarados}} and {{p|Whiscash}}). Also, it must be noted that the locations of the four blocks changes every day (unlike Hoenn, whichwhere isthey duechange towith the [[Trendy Phrase]]). Once hooked, however, Feebas is an easy catch.