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"A Pokémon movie is a movie" => See for yourselves.
[[File:Pikachu the Movie.png|thumb|300px|Pikachu the Movie]]
[[File:Pikachu the Movie Dual GS.png|thumb|280px|Pikachu the Movie DUAL]]
A2A '''Pokémon movie''' is a movie, released in Japanese theaters in July, centering on [[Pokémon]] and following, as the [[Pokémon anime|main anime]], [[Ash Ketchum]] and {{ashfr}}. Typically, the movies' animation is done by [[Team Koitabashi]] of OLM (''[[Mewtwo Returns]]'' being the only one taken by another, [[Team Wasaki]]), and each has at least one hour of footage. The first six movies also have a [[Pikachu short]] that was shown before the movie.
Movies, with little exception, center around and feature [[legendary Pokémon]] which are either not at all or very rarely seen in the main anime, often with the legendary Pokémon causing some sort of disaster with its powers or being pursued by someone with less than noble tendencies. Ash and his friends will often befriend a Pokémon during the movie and must, at the end, say goodbye to their new friend.