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Very few of these are actual "errors". Not many people seem to realize that everything from the games doesn't always apply to the anime. Why should a Pokémon with a different move set be considered an "error", but a Pokémon with an entirely different history isn't called an "error" (i.e. Mewtwo was born from a Mew in the games... he was born from an incubator-type machine in the anime). I suggest changing the name of this article to "Anime move differences" or something.
On an unrelated note, a section of "moves used by Pokémon at a time in which the move could not be used in the games" is missing. Stuff in this section would include Ash's Charizard using Fly before Yellow Version came out, Victor's Pikachu using Surf before Nintendo distributed their first 1000 Surfing Pikachus / released Pokémon Stadium 2 (although I think this would have been different in Japan), Mewtwo using Shadow Ball before Generation II came out, along with many others. [[User:Dannyjenn|Dannyjenn]] 04:21, 21 March 2012 (UTC)