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Other PokéGods
===Other PokéGods===
Some of these "PokéGods" were actually [[glitch Pokémon]] who were alsoable sometimesto referredbe toencountered asor "PokéGods"otherwise obtained through [[GameShark]]. Additionally, one other well-known "PokéGod" was '''Venustoise''', which originally appeared in ''[[EP020|The Ghost of Maiden's Peak]]'' as a gag. AnotherTwo saidother "PokéGodPokéGods" wasoriginated as April Fools Day jokes -- '''{{smw|Yoshi}}, which was''' (claimed to be athe Pokémonevolution inof an[[Dragonite]] April Fools' edition ofby {{wp|Expert Gamer}} magazine) and '''{{smw|Luigi}}''' (claimed to be the evolution of [[Lickitung]] by Nintendo's website).
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