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Lyra's hints
* ''[[DP144|Gone With the Windworks!]]''
:While waiting to be rescued, Lyra considers who she'd marry out of the three boys, {{Ash}}, Khoury and {{an|Brock}}, instantly saying, "Khoury's definitely out of the question" to Dawn. Lyra seems disappointed at Khoury's lack of belief that they'd get free.
* ''[[DP145|A Rivalry to Gible On!]]''
:Lyra asks {{an|Dawn}} what she thinks of Khoury as a boyfriend, trying to get them together at first by sticking them in a pair to find the [[p|Gible]]. When [[pearlshipping|Ash and Dawn begin arguing]], Lyra states, "Nothing like somebody who really cares," sheShe then gazes at Khoury worriedly, wondering if she and Khoury had a relationship like that. Afterward, Lyra becomes lost in the cave, afterwardas andshe was separated from {{Ash}} by a flock of [[p|Zubat]]. She becomes scared about being alone, until she hears Khoury's voice, when she instantly cheers up. When Khoury tells her to bang a rock on the all so he can follow the sound to her, she trusted him, even though having doubts about whether it would work or not. Khoury finds her and she huffs, "Took you long enough." He apologizes sweetly and she realizes she has feelings for him instead.
* ''[[DP147|Bagged Then Tagged!]]''
:Lyra says she wants to go on her journey through Johto with someone special, implying that she thinks Khoury is special. Also, when hunting for Team Rocket, she keeps complimenting on Khoury's intelligence and calling him a "detective".
===Khoury's hints===