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Baby Pokémon

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Baby Pokémon all have one thing in common: they are unable to breed unless they evolve into one of their higher forms, and are all in the {{egg|Undiscovered}} egg group. This is presumably due to their infantile state.
From [[Generation III]] onwards, most new baby Pokémon can only be obtained by making the parent in their evolutionary line hold a specific [[Incense]] before breeding, explaining why parent Pokémon available in previous generations were unable to produce these eggs in those generations. For example, MarrilMarill, who was introduced in Generation II, could not produce Azurill eggs until the introduction of the Sea Incense in Generation III.
About half of all baby Pokémon are part of a {{cat|Pokémon that are part of a three-stage evolutionary line|three-stage evolutionary line}}, that is, they evolve again after evolving from their baby form. {{p|Azumarill|Only one of these}}, however, is achieved by level up, with most of the others requiring use of an [[evolutionary stone]] or [[held item]] to evolve a second time.