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The '''Fluffy Tail''' is an item available in [[Generation III]] and [[Generation IV]]. It can only be purchased in the [[Hoenn]] region. It is shaped somewhat like a {{p|Skitty}}'s tail.
When used in battle with a [[wild Pokémon]], it will end the battle immediately, exactly the same as the [[Poké Doll]].
Presumably, the item was created due to the fact that the Poké Doll is in the shape of a {{p|Clefairy}}, which is not in [[Hoenn Dex|Hoenn's]] [[regional Pokédex]]. Perhaps on purpose, in regions where the Poké Doll is available, Skitty is not in the regional Pokédex, and therefore, the Fluffy Tail is not available for purchase.
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