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Expectation for the [[M15]]:
High Expectations
# The events will feature Keldeo. :D
# Will it feature Keldeo in [[Pokémon Black and White]] or [[Pokémon Black and White Version 2|Black and White 2]]? If BW, will it unlock a new Pokémon if you trade it to BW2 like Meleotta (wrong spelling...someone correct it).
# Will Meleotta be included in events?
# I have a problem. Pls answer ASAP(ly). My internet can't work with my DSi. Before, all of the internet does not work with the DS but works once, but with my brother's DS, it always work. Now, it doesn't work anymore in both DS. The usual problem is Cannot find IP Adress 05200+. Still did not get Event Zekrom and Reshiram.
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