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*In order to do the above, one needs to have completed the sidequest to unlock trading with Hoenn-based games in FireRed and LeafGreen.
*Through exploitation of differences in linkup requirements, players can send Pokémon from XD to one of the handheld Hoenn games without beating the Elite Four, trading first to a game that has done so, trading from that to {{g|Colosseum}}, and trading from Colosseum to the Hoenn game.
==Changes from Collosseum==
*Saving is now possible at any time rather than at PCs.
*The starter pokemon is now eevee rather than umbreon and espeon
*Pokemon now start at a lower level and the initial difficulty is much lower
*The protagonist is now a kid, similar to the traditional pokemon protagonist, rather than an ex-villain teenager
*The snag device replaces the "gifted partner" from Collosseum, and therefore the protagonist will be alone most of the game
*The purification shrine is accessed much earlier, and the purification machine assists in purifying pokemon
*A motor scooter replaces the motorcycle-like vehicle in Collosseum
*Special areas with wild pokemon have been added
*Various areas from Collosseum have been retained, but have also been redesigned
*In a change from most pokemon games, hidden items are now revealed using a shine effect
*The message for acquiring items is somewhat longer