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[[Image:Itemfinder pokemon card.JPG|thumb|right|The [[Itemfinder]] trading card, from the {{TCG|Base Set}}.]]
The '''Itemfinder''' is an item used in the Pokémon games to find hidden items. In those games based in [[Kanto]], it is given out by one of [[Professor Oak]]'s aides in the lookout on [[Route 11]] if the player has 2030 or more Pokémon caught in their [[Pokédex]]. In [[Johto]]-based games, it is given out by a man in [[Ecruteak City]]. In all games it is a [[Key Item]], meaning that after [[Generation II]] it can be set to the Select button and in all generations cannot be sold.
In [[Sinnoh]], the [[Pokétch]]'s Dowsing Machine app replaces the functions of the itemfinder.