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Cove Area

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Available Pokémon
| Near the fountain
| None
| Bring Patrat their missing {{DL|Items in PokéPark 2|Colorful Ball|ball}} to befriend them.
| {{ms|592F|Frillish (Pokémon)}}
| In the tunnel leading to the Poster Portal
| Battle
| Distract him with a {{DL|Items in PokéPark 2|Plush}} to keep him from burrowing
|- style="background:#{{Grass color light}}"
| In the square
| none
| Purchase a gem{{DL|Items in PokéPark 2|Cool Jewel}}
|- style="background:#{{Grass color light}}"
| In her shop
| None
| Bring her a {{DL|Items in PokéPark 2|Rotor Motor}} to befriend
|- style="background:#{{Grass color}}"
| In a park near the square{{tt|*|Retrieve from wish park}}
| none
| Give ithim a rotten{{DL|Items berryin PokéPark 2|Stinkberry}}
| {{ms|341|Corphish (Pokémon)}}
| In the ocean{{tt|*|Beat the game}}
| None
| Give 50 Golden{{DL|Items in PokéPark 2|Honey Jars}} to befriend
|- style="background:#{{Grass color light}}"