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==Cove Town==
Cove Town is a cheery and urban town where Pokémon thrive. Many Pokémon in Cove Town are willing to train Pikachu and his pals' abilities, essential for progression through the game. The Gate Keeper, {{p|Krookodile}} guards the gates to the other Areas here in Cove Town. A {{p|Kecleon}} in Cove Town will share play-time records and achievements.
| At his shrine
| None
| Examine the shrine to make him appear{{tt|*|SpeakGive the Deep Black Orb to Reuniclus post-gameand talk to Samurott}}
|- style="background:#{{Grass color}}"
| colspan="5" {{ms|352|Kecleon (Pokémon)}}
| {{pcolor|Kecleon|000}}
| Behind a row of buildings in Cove Town{{tt|*|Requires Snivy}}
| None
| Talk to him to befriend