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Brock and Dawn have a battle with Goone to buy Ash enough time to get to the ripple of time. During Goone's battle, Zoroark comes out of nowhere and attacks all of his Pokémon in a vengeful fury, knocking him and all his Pokémon out with ease. Kodai manages to catch up to Ash and Celebi makes a run for it, only to be hunted down by Kodai. However, the 'Celebi' is revealed to be Zorua flying with aid of Karl's Bronzor. Both try their best to take Kodai down but his Pokémon quickly knock out Bronzor and Kodai uses the claw he intends to use to absorb the ripple in time to capture Zorua.
At the Pokémon Baccer Stadium, Ash lets the real Celebi out of his backpack and they try to reach the ripple in time. However, Kodai arrives and corners Ash, Pikachu, and Celebi, then begins making his way to the ripple of time. Zoroark appears and charges at Kodai to take her revenge and reclaim her child, but the businessman forces Zoroark to stand down by threatening to kill the captured Zorua if she interferes, proving his point by electrocuting the young Pokémon in front of her. Kodai cruelly orders his Shuppet to finish off Zoroark as he approaches the ripple of time and begins absorbing its power, not caring if the city's greenery will wither and die again. As the events that happened 20 years ago start to repeat themselves, Kodai gloats over his apparent victory to Ash, but Zoroark suddenly smirks, and time reverses itself. The "ripple of time" Kodai absorbed was actually an illusion created by Zoroark to deceive him, allowing Karl and Rowena to capture Kodai's revelation of him being responsible for Crown City's disaster on video. Wondering how come the illusion affected him, Kodai finds that Zorua destroyed his illusion canceler when shehe attacked him previously. While Kodai is distracted, Zorua manages to recover and desperately tries to reach his mother to reunite, but Kodai, furious at the deception, orders his Shuppet to attack Zorua from behind, only for Zoroark to take the attack to save her son. Before she can recover, Kodai cruelly attacks Zoroark with his claw, electrocuting and mortally wounding her. Zoroark manages to fight through the electrocution, attacking Kodai and defeating his Shuppet, destroying his claw in the process. Kodai, now desperate for the real ripple of time, makes a run for it but is stopped and scared away by Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, now knowing the true threat to the city. Afterward, Zoroark's injuries soon become too painful for her to continue, causing her to collapse.
While Kodai was running away, Zoroark traps him in an illusion to deceive him that he was safe atop his plane high in the air. She quickly cancels the illusions out, causing Kodai to fall off the platform he was on and passes out in the stadium field. Zoroark then closes her eyes with a satisfied smile, glad she was able to defeat Kodai. In tears, Zorua pleads and cries for Zoroark to wake up, then creates an illusion of a beautiful grassy field around them, their home. Celebi then uses the power of the true ripple of time to heal itself and heal Zoroark. As Zoroark recovers, she and Zorua embrace in a tearful reunion, and Zorua thanking Celebi for saving his mother. Celebi smiles and then time travels away in billows of light after making the area's greenery bloom.