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'''Jun''' (Japanese: '''ジュン''' ''Jun'') is a character in [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure]]. He is based on {{ga|Barry}}, and is [[Hareta]]'s rival. Jun has a crush on [[Mitsumi]]. He is a very strong Trainer, with some strong Pokémon at his disposal.
Like [[Hareta]] and [[Mitsumi]], Jun was sent to find {{p|Dialga}} by [[Professor Rowan]]. He presumably started his quest after Hareta and Mitsumi, given that he knows who they are, but they don't know him. However despite this, he earned his {{badge|Coal}} before Hareta did later the same day and Jun himself actually witnesses Hareta's Gym Battle at the [[Oreburgh Mine]] from a distance. It isn't until they arrive in [[Floaroma Town]] that Jun actually meets Hareta and Mitsumi in person. He attempts to glomp Mitsumi, only to be on the receiving end of her fist. As he regains himself, he introduces himself and explains that he was also sent to find Dialga by Rowan, and that he loves Mitsumi. Mitsumi tries to shut him up by attempting to impress him with Hareta's Coal Badge, before Jun reveals that he also earned a badge from [[Roark]]. He then challenges Hareta to a battle, but retracts the offer when he learns that Hareta hasn't yet got any Pokémon other than [[Hareta's Piplup|Piplup]]. Hareta is confused by the concept, so Jun explains it to him before he goes off to try it himself. As Hareta leaves, Jun asks Mitsumi if she would like to have dinner for two, with her response being a knuckle sandwich. Hareta eventually returns with a {{p|Shinx}}, ready for battle. Jun is impressed by how much stronger Hareta looks in such a short period of time, but before the battle can start, [[Team Galactic]] strike at the [[Valley Windworks]]. Jun and Hareta rush there to sort things out and end up in a double battle with [[Mars]]. After being one upped on the final attack by Hareta, Jun thinks to himself about how quickly Hareta's skills are developing. Jun then suggested to Hareta that perhaps their battle should be postponed until a later date, as their Pokémon are tired out from dealing with Team Galactic, as he hit the road again.
Mime Jr.'s only known move is {{m|Light Screen}}.}}
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