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Synopsis: Completed
{{IncompleteAsh}} synopsisand {{ashfr}} make their way to [[Olivine City]] through a thick forest. They stop as {{an|Misty}} feels spooked as {{an|Brock}} mentions that some scary {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} live in the forest. She dreads running into scary {{type2|Bug}} Pokémon, when a {{p|Spinarak}} drops down in front of her. They throw out ideas of {{p|Gengar}}, {{p|Snorlax}} and {{p|Ariados}} at what the guidebook mentioned. Ash and Brock decide to press forward, and though she is somewhat hesitant, Misty follows.
Hearing a rustling sound, {{an|Misty}} awakens to find an adorable {{p|Teddiursa}} that had wandered into the abandoned shack where she was putting up for the night. She is overjoyed to gain such a cuddly companion, but beginning the following day, Misty and {{Ashfr|friends}} face a string of troubles involving the theft of food. In all cases, the Teddiursa is quick to point out the culprits, blaming other {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} belonging to {{Ash}}, Misty and {{an|Brock}}.
AfterAs Teddiursathe issun caught it steals Ash's backpack and runs offsets, only to find {{TRT}} and steals the corn they are selling from them! When Ash and his friends finally find the Teddiursa (with the help of the local [[Nurse Joy]])walk, Ashexhausted getsat hisdigging backpackto backmake and the Teddiursa [[evolution|evolves]] into anmoney. {{pTP|UrsaringJessie|Wobbuffet}}. Hopingpops thatout, thebut newthey’re Ursaringtoo isexhausted moreto maturedo andanything. canDreading findthe itsnight own food from now on Ash and friends leave to continue on their journey toshift, [[Olivine CityJessie]]. Unknowntosses to theher grouppick, Ursaringas findsdo the miserable Team Rocket and tricks them with its "cuteness" (which just creeped Team Rocket out) to share their popcornothers. WhileThey Teamspot Rocketa rejoices at their gainfield of their newcorn, strong,giving friendJessie Ursaring, the Ursaring gives the camera one final evilan glanceidea.
Ash and his friends decide to set up for the night, having not run into any scary Pokémon. Misty doesn’t want to stay in the forest overnight though. The group finds a cabin, checking it and finding it uninhabited. They decide to set up inside for the night. As they head inside, a red-eyed figure watches them from the bushes.
Ash and his friends retire for the night as a shadowy figure walks about. Misty wakes up, turns on the lamp and wakes Ash, thinking she heard something. Brock talks in his sleep about [[Nurse Joy]], but Misty points out she heard something outside. A rustling sound is heard as Brock wakes up screaming, spooking the others due to his nightmare. They head outside, not spotting anything, as a figure goes inside without being spotted. They head inside, back to bed, when Misty notices something in her sleeping bag. She screams and points it out. Ash pulls off the blanket and notices a sleeping {{p|Teddiursa}}. Ash checks it with his [[Pokédex]].
It weaks up and charms Misty, wanting to {{pkmn2|captured|capture}} it. The [[Poké Ball]] frightens it and makes it cry, running up to Misty. She decides to hold off and hugs the Pokémon. Unbeknownst to the others, Teddiursa grins evilly.
The next morning, Misty wakes up and yells at {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}}, waking the others. They notice Psyduck holding two eaten apple cores, assuming that Psyduck let itself out overnight and ate them, though Psyduck seems upset. Letting it off, she puts Psyduck back and hugs Teddiursa.
Team Rocket meanwhile proceeds to sell corn to people at a stand. {{MTR}} brings in a cart full of fresh corn. Ash and his friends approach, smelling the corn. Teddiursa points out the corn as they decide to buy five of them. Seeing Teddiursa’s {{m|charm}}, however, convinces Jessie to give him another corn. As they head off, Meowth scolds Jessie for giving it away. They plot to continue selling in order to steal {{AP|Pikachu}} and Teddiursa.
Teddiursa, holding two corn sticks, turns around and spots the whole cart of corn. Late on, Ash and his friends decide to stop for lunch at a lake. Ash brings out his Pokémon as they proceed to relax. Brock mentions that they only have ham and bread to eat, but that’s enough for the group. As the group makes preparations for lunch, Misty asks Brock for help moving wood. He stops cutting the ham to help her, as Teddiursa heads to the table and proceeds to eat the ham. {{AP|Totodile}} notices and tries to stop Teddiursa, but it smacks Totodile away and eats all of the ham, leaving the paper. Hearing the humans return, Teddiursa puts the paper in Totodile’s hands and proceeds to cry. Misty shows up and scolds Totodile. Teddiursa hugs up to Misty as Ash and Brock show up, pointing out the empty wrapper. Totodile tries to point out the real culprit, but Teddiursa’s charm convinces Misty. Ash doesn’t want to believe Totodile did it, despite the apparent evidence.
Late on, Ash works on the soup as Teddiursa proceeds to steal a batch of bananas. {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} walks up to Teddiursa as Misty notices them missing. Teddiursa tries to frame Togepi, but Togepi puts the bananas in its mouth. When Misty questions Teddiursa, it hides the batch in its mouth. When Misty walks away, Teddiursa swallows the entire batch. Meanwhile, Brock sets a bag of groceries on the table and walks to Ash, checking on the soup. Teddiursa grabs the sausage links. {{AP|Chikorita}} spots the thief and tries to stop it, but Teddiursa pushes Chikorita aside. The humans return to the table and notice the missing sausages, noticing the chain leading into the bushes. As Teddiursa munches on it, Brock pulls the chain. Knowing the humans are close, Teddiursa wraps the chain around Chikorita and shoves the end into Chikorita’s mouth, crying.
The humans find them and are shocked at Chikorita. Teddiursa cries and runs up to Misty, automatically assuming Teddiursa is innocent. Ash confronts Chikorita and also seems skeptical, though the planted sausages make it hard to believe. Chikorita cries and runs off, as the humans follow, leaving Teddiursa behind. Ash consoles Chikorita, fully convinced that Chikorita wouldn’t steal food. Totodile catches up to them and alerts them to go back. At the camp, {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and the others watch as Teddiursa goes through Brock’s bag and takes the loaf of bread, proceeding to eat it. This angers Ash and Brock at how the Pokémon used its charms to manipulate. Misty doesn’t want to believe it, and its charm almost works on Misty again. Brock and Ash aren’t fooled, and Teddiursa proceeds to steal Brock’s bag and runs off.
They run after it, but Teddiursa hides in a bush and runs back. Meanwhile, Team Rocket celebrates their hard earning on the corn. They notice Teddiursa in their cart and decide to befriend it. Using Meowth’s translation, Teddiursa distracts them, mentioning a large apple grove nearby. Teddiursa proceeds to take their corn. The charm convinces Jessie to let it go. Then, a farmer rushes up to them with a shovel, angry that they stole the corn. Team Rocket runs, leaving Teddiursa behind.
Ash and his friends want to give up the chase, but Brock needs to recover his bag, which had his guidebook and supplies. Misty notices [[Pokémon Center]] nearby as they proceed to go inside. Nurse Joy confirms the report and mentions that the Teddiursa has been implicated in previous thefts and how it manipulates. Knowing she was wrong, Misty apologies to Totodile and Chikorita. They decide to seek it out.
Teddiursa munches on the corn near a river. Then, Team Rocket catches in a net from their balloon. Teddiursa easily slashes the net as Jessie sends {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} after it, along with James’s {{TP|James|Victreebel}}. Teddiursa easily swats the {{m|Poison Sting}} attack aside and {{m|Slash}}es Arbok, sending it back. Victreebel fires a {{m|Razor Leaf}} attack, but again, easily beats Victreebel. Teddiursa fires a {{m|Swift}} attack, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Ash and his friends spot Team Rocket blasting off as well as the Teddiursa nearby. They confront Teddiursa, and since the charming has failed, it isn’t even remorseful at being deceptive. Both Totodile and Chikorita want to fight it, but Ash lets Chikorita go after it. Chikorita proceeds to {{m|Tackle}} it, but it dodges and fires Swift, following up with a Slash attack.
Chikorita tries to {{m|Vine Whip}} it, but it uses {{m|Double Team}} to evade, rushing forward with a Slash attack. Chikorita then fires Razor Leaf, landing a hit, following up with a Tackle, sending it back and down. Ash hugs Chikorita as Brock repossesses his bag. Then, Teddiursa proceeds to glow, [[Evolution|evolving]] into {{p|Ursaring}}. It gets up and growls, sending the group running.
As the sun sets, Ash and his friends talk to Nurse Joy, somewhat relived that Teddiursa evolved, allowing it to be able to find food without having to steal from humans, as well as not being able to charm. Ash and his friends head off to Olivine City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has stopped, making popcorn, upset at losing the money to the farmer. Ursaring shows up and initially scares them, but doesn’t appear hostile and walks up to them. Its charm no longer works, but Team Rocket decides to befriend it, dancing. Ursaring dances with them, shooting an evil stare without them knowing…
==Major events==