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=In the games=
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Bill is the talented and famous inventor. He invented [[Pokémon storage system]] and [[Time Capsule]]. People and himself call him Pokémaniac. He has a big collection of common and rare Pokémon. The first one he caught was an {{p|Abra}}. [[Celio]] is his old friend that knows lots about him. Bill has some fans like Pokémaniac Brent which calls to the main player with information about him. Bill has a big family. In [[Fuchsia City]] lives his adult sister and Bill's grandpa, which in [[Generation II]] keeps Bill's Cottage near [[Cerulean City]] while he is visiting his hometown, [[Goldenrod City]] where his mother and young sister live. His mother used to be a [[Kimono Girl]] and his younger sister can't wink. Bill can't stomach milk. In Japanese version Bill speaks in Kansai Dialect. Bill's favorite Pokémon are {{p|Eevee}} and the [[Eeveelutions]], and he is fond of giving extra Eevee in his collection to friends.