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Brock and Ash are tending to a [[Staryu (Pokémon)|Staryu]], while Misty apologizes to the Oddish. She and Ash begin quarrelling, and the Bulbasaur tackles Misty, thinking Oddish was in danger. Melanie explains that Bulbasaur volunteered to protect the whole village. Bulbasaur tries to push Ash out of the village because it doesn't trust Pokémon trainers. Ash wishes he had a Pokémon that brave.
Team Rocket appears from behind a cloud, standing on a balloon-lifted platform, reciting their mantra. They land in a clearing outside the village, and try to collect all the Pokémon in the village with a massive vacuum. Brock herds everyone into the cabin, but Oddish gets caught in the suction. Bulbasaur rescues Oddish with its [[vineVine whipWhip (move)|vine whip]]s, and Ash helps block the wind so it can carry Oddish to the cabin. The vacuum starts to actually pull the roof off the cabin, so Bulbasaur uses its vine whips to smack the hose around. Ash releases his [[Ash's Pidgeot|Pidgeotto]] with instructions to start a [[Gust (move)|Gust]] attack. The resultant tornado tosses Team Rocket and their platform into the distance.
Melanie asks Ash to take the Bulbasaur with him; the village is too small for its bulb to grow. She says the Pokémon are staying in the village too long, because the Bulbasaur has done too good a job of protecting them. She feels Ash will be a good trainer for Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur agrees to go with Ash, on condition that they battle first. Ash sends Pikachu, and the two trade rams. Bulbasaur uses its vine whips to toss Pikachu around, but Ash calls for a [[Thunderbolt (move)|Thunderbolt]], which shocks Bulbasaur into submission, allowing Ash to catch it in a Poké ball. Brock offers to stay and help, but Melanie refuses, telling him to continue on his adventures.