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Legendary Pokémon

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* The '''{{p|Dratini}}''' family, especially '''{{p|Dragonite}}''', is so rare and powerful it is often mentioned in lists of Legendary Pokémon. It is also based on mythical European dragons.
*'''{{p|Rapidash}}''' may possibly have "Legendary" status, as it was seen in the first opening running along with Arcanine, the "Legendary" Pokémon, and the Legendary Birds. This may be because, like many legendary Pokémon, it is based on a mythical creature, the [[wp:unicorn|unicorn]].
* In the world of [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]], '''{{p|Ninetales}}''' is considered a Legendary Pokémon due to it being illusiveelusive, incredibly long-lived, and posessing the ability to cast powerful curses against anyone that touches its tails.
* '''{{p|Unown}}''' are a mysterious species of Pokémon based on the Latin alphabet. [[Professor Oak]] referred to them as Legendary, probably because they were featured heavily in ancient myths and legends and because they can display large amounts of otherworldly power in swarms. Also, like legendaries, they cannot breed.
* '''{{p|Lucario}}''' and its master [[Sir Aaron]] were forever revered because of their help pacifying an ancient battle, as seen in the eighth movie. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, a Lucario was regarded as a legendary Rescue Team Leader in the distant past, and "Lucario Rank" is the highest attainable team rank in the game.