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[[Image:CharizardCardComparison.jpg|thumb|right|Comparison between Base Set 1st Edition, "Shadowless" and Unlimited runs.]]
Base Set is also unique in that Wizards were still experimenting with the layout and aesthetics of the cards after the 1st Edition run, which becomes apparent when cards from both 1st Edition and Unlimited are compared. The most obvious change is the weighting of text for HP values and attacks; they are much bolder in Unlimited. Another was the inclusion of a drop shadow under the character illustration window, supposedly added to give the card more depth. This later inclusion led to the naming of a transitional run, often called '''Shadowless''', in which a small print run of Base Set was produced without the 1st Edition symbol, as well as without the changes mentioned above that were added in the actual Unlimited run. The Shadowless cards are also highly sought after by collectors because of their rarity being close to that of the first edition.
[[Trainer card (TCG)|Trainers]] and [[Energy (TCG)|Energy cards]] from [[Base Set (TCG)|Base Set]], don't have the image box lacking the shadow, so can't be Shadowless, however, there are other differences from this print run.
The major difference is: The copyright info.
*The Shadowless print run says "(c)© 1995, 96, 98, 99 Nintendo" while the Unlimited runs leave off the "99".