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Appendix:Red and Blue walkthrough/Section 8

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Kindly old [[Mr. Fuji]], head of the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House, has gone missing. His disappearance may have some connection to the recent paranormal activity occurring in nearby [[Pokémon Tower]]. However, besides keeping an eye open for clues, there's nothing that can be done about it right now.
[[ImageFile:LiteralGhost_rbyLiteral Ghost RBY.png|thumb|right|You can't battle them if you don't know what they are!]]
=== Pokémon Tower ===
[[Pokémon Tower]], where departed Pokémon are laid to rest, appears to be the source of the town's problems. Having a connection to the spirit world, most wild Pokémon found inside are {{type2|Ghost}}s. {{ga|Blue}} is on the tower's second floor, but you may decide to delay that battle by avoiding the tower for now. The spirit world's influence strengthens above the second floor, where [[Literal ghost|ghosts]] and possessed {{tc|Channeler}}s are commonplace. But without a {{DL|List of key items in Generation I|Silph Scope}}, you won't be able to climb to the tower's top floor.
== Route 8 ==
[[File:R8rbyKanto Route 8 RBY.PNGpng|thumb|400px|left|Route 8]]
[[Celadon City]] lies off to the west, but [[Saffron City]] stands in the way. {{m|Cut}} down one of the trees here to reach the patch of tall grass, where a new {{type2|Fire}} can be found. No one is currently allowed through the [[gate]], so enter the building to the north and take the [[Underground Path (Routes 7-8)|Lavender-Celadon Underground]] that runs east-west underneath Saffron. Remember to use the {{DL|List of key items in Generation I|Itemfinder}} in the tunnel to search for lost valuables. The tunnel emerges on {{rt|7|Kanto}}.