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Unova Route 10

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'''Route 10''' (Japanese: '''10ばんどうろ''' ''Route 10'') is a route which leads the player to the {{un|Victory Road}}. Here, the [[Player character|player]] {{pkmn|battle}}s [[Cheren]] once more. It is the final route before Victory Road and contains the badge check gates. Each area between the gates represents the type that the gym used.
==Route description==
====Trio Badge Gate====
The Trio Badge Gate is composed of features that represent the three types used by Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Respectively, they are: shrubs, small trees, flowers, and grass; two burning torches on the north side of the stream; a small stream which cannot be {{m|surf}}ed on or [[fishing|fished]] in flowing through the center of the area, with a bridge crossing it. There are also two restaurant tables on the south side of the river.
====Basic Badge Gate====