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In the Special Mission ''[[Recover the Manaphy Egg!]]'', one of her Happiny met a Chansey before the mission and goes off to find spherical objects to replace its stone as it wants to be like the Chansey. Mimi, Luana and the player go all over Vientown to search for this missing Happiny. Eventually, they end up chasing the Happiny to ''Nabiki Beach'' where it finds a {{p|Manaphy}} egg and goes off to ''Breeze Hill'' to protect it. Then, the player must chase the Happiny and capture a {{p|Pichu}} and {{p|Glameow}} that are helping to protect the egg. At the end of the mission, Mimi joins [[Professor Hastings]] and all of her Happiny who are carrying the egg to the [[Ranger Union]].
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