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Mt. Coronet

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Northern Cavern
{{itlistbod|Elixir|Hidden on a rock in the middle of the cavern (Requires either {{HM|04|Strength}} or {{HM|06|Rock Smash}})|DPPt|display={{DL|Ether|Elixir}}}}
{{itlistbod|TM Rock|North of the entrance from Eterna City (Requires {{HM|04|Strength}} and {{HM|06|Rock Smash}})|DPPt|display={{TM|69|Rock Polish}}}}
{{itlistbod|Revive|Near the west entrance on a boulder in the open ''(hidden)''|DPPt|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}}}}
{{itlistbod|Rare Candy|Middle of the northern cavern (Requires {{HM|04|Strength}} and {{HM|06|Rock Smash}})|DPPt|display={{DL|Vitamin|Rare Candy}}}}
{{itlistbod|TinyMushroom|Hidden on a boulder near the stairs at the northern end|DP|display={{DL|Valuable item|TinyMushroom}}}}