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In the final round, Ryouga is paired up against the boss of Great Gavel, [[Fraud]]. Wanting to avenge Hariru and Carola for the injustices they suffered by his hands, Ryouga faces him in a sumo wrestling-like match. Fraud proves to be a powerful opponent and nearly defeats Ryouga by absorbing his energy and using it to power his own attack so he can destroy the stage. Even though he was knocked into the water, Ryouga remembers his past and gains the energy to fight again. Having gotten back onto what little parts of the stage remain, Ryouga continues his battle against Fraud and eventually notices his attacks are doing a little damage to him. With the advice of the now-awakened Hariru, Ryouga focuses all of his power into one attack and strikes Fraud. The attack works and Fraud's left arm eventually breaks apart and explodes, turning it back into its previous shape. The two fighters are left exhausted and they both throw one final punch, sending each other into the water below while Pauline begins the countdown to end the fight. She finally finishes the countdown and the match ends in a tie between the two Burst Warriors.
Ryouga later wakes up in a bed and finds out results of the last match from Miruto. Ryouga forgives Yappy for his attempt to steal the Burst Hearts during the final round of Burst Heart Survival and releases him from his rope bindings. Joined by Karuta, Ryouga takes the prize money to go and buy medicine for Karuta's sick village. After buying the medicine, Karuta and the others are attacked by a Great Gavel member named Rūkamu. When Rūkamu uses his Burst, no one is able to take him seriously, angering Rūkamu enough to display how strong he is