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Heroes of Truth and Ideals

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|desc={{p|Zekrom}} was used by the Hero of Ideals in the war between the brothers. After a long and fierce battle with Reshiram, Zekrom was reverted into a stone form and remained that way until being awakened in the future.
== In the Games ==
The Heroes of Truth and Ideals are mentioned in {{v2|Black and White|s}}, usually called "The Twin Heroes." According to legend, they once shared a powerful dragon, but could not decide weather to pursue truth or ideals. The dragon split into two parts, Reshiram following the Hero of Truth and Zekrom following the Hero of Ideals.
At the beginning of the games, one hero's dragon ({{p|Zekrom}}{{sup|Bl}} or {{p|Reshiram}}{{sup|W}}) resides in the [[Dragonspiral Tower]] and is called upon by [[N]] to create his ideal world. The {{player}} is tasked with resolving the history the twins began in the past by finding Reshiram{{sup|Bl}} or Zekrom{{sup|W}} in the {{DL|List of key items in Generation V|Light Stone}}{{sup|Bl}} or {{DL|List of key items in Generation V|Dark Stone}}{{sup|W}} and reviving it.
It is also said that one of the Twin Heroes built the [[Relic Castle]], which became the center of civilization in [[Unova]].