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|release_date_ja=N64 - January 21, 1999<br/>[[Wii|VC]] - January 20, 2009 <ref>[ Poké]</ref>
|release_date_na=N64 - April 26, 1999<br/>[[Wii|VC]] - December 21, 2009
|release_date_au=N64 - N/A<br/>[[Wii|VC]] - N/A
|release_date_eu=N64 - November 19, 1999<br/>[[Wii|VC]] - June 12, 2009
|website_ja=[ Official Sitesite]
|website_en=[ Official Sitesite]
{{StrategyWiki|Super Smash Bros.}}
==Unused Pokémon==
*{{p|Mewtwo}} was planned to be a playable character, but had to be cut.{{fact}} It became playable in the sequel, [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]], having been one of the most requested new characters. <ref>[ Nintendo of Japan]</ref>
==External links==
*[[sbw:Super Smash Bros.|At SmashWiki]]
{{Smash Bros.}}<br>