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New mechanics are often introduced to keep the game alive, and as such, the system itself is upgraded to accommodate these new changes, as well as cosmetic changes to the interface.
*'''Pokémon Battrio''' was the launch version and proving ground for the games appeal.
*'''Pokémon Battrio Plus''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオプラス''', stylized ''Pokémon Battrio +'') was rolled out on January 25, 2008 in conjunction with release of the ''{{Battrio|Mewtwo's Challenge}}'' expansion. The upgrade added minor changes to damage calculation and expanded the type table to cover all 17 [[elemental type]]s.
*'''Pokémon Battrio Super''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオスーパー''', stylized ''Pokémon Battrio S'') was rolled out on July 19, 2008 in conjunction with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Giratina Tremor}}'' expansion. The upgrade featured a major overhaul in terms of damage calculation, brought a number of new mechanics to enhance battle experience, and new battle modes to challenge players.
*'''Pokémon Battrio Zero''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオゼロ''', stylized ''Pokémon Battrio 0'') was rolled out on July 19, 2009 in conjunction with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Arceus Advent}}'' expansion. The upgrade featured a re-designed interface, added more interaction within battles, and enhanced gameplay mechanics.
Pucks are integral to the gameplay of Pokémon Battrio, as at least one is required to play the game. The pucks themselves are made of high-quality plastic with a 40mm diameter and a thickness of 3.4mm. Each puck portrays one of the fictional Pokémon species along with a set of individual [[Stats|statistics]] such as Hit Points, Attack, Defense, and Speed, as well as elemental types and [[move]]s, just as they feature in the main series of Pokémon games. All of this data is stored on a microdot on the reverse of each puck, which is read into the game when it is positioned over the infrared scanner.
*'''Challenge Battle:''' Also introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Challenge Battles are designed to test a player's knowledge of different Pokémon and their capabilities. Each round has one Trainer with a set team, often featuring a particularly powerful Pokémon, and a pre-selected team of Pokémon for the player to use. There is often a certain strategy players must discover when competing in Challenge Battles. This mode is similar to the various challenges found on [[Battle CD]]s from {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
*'''Battrio Stadium:''' Introduced in the Battrio V upgrade, players face straight battles against Trainers until they quit or lose. Players can choose to face Normal or Strong opponents depending on their skill level. Players using Memory Keys can also participate in V Battles by getting four consecutive wins, in which they face a tough Trainer with V Power activated.
*'''Shop:''' The Shop can be accessed between battles in any game mode and can be used to purchase useful items that may aid the player with money they earn from participating in battles. Items include but are not limited to: various [[Potion]]s that refill a percentage of the HP bar; damage multiplier bonuses that are immediate upon starting a battle; a token that allows the player to activate Advent at any time during a battle, and; the ability to upgrade the experience level of an elementala type.
===Memory Keys===
[[File:Battrio Memory Key.png|thumb|right|A Battrio Memory Key, from the Battrio 0 upgrade. Note the cover absent from previous designs.]]
'''Memory Keys''' (Japanese: '''メモリーキー''' ''Memory Key'') are memory-saving devices that are inserted into the arcade console. Sold at a retail price of about ¥600, while they are not necessary in order to play the game, they become essential for progressing through some modes.<br>
Memory Keys allow players to select an avatar from a number of Trainer designs and name it, becoming their profile for all battles undertaken whilst the Memory Key is plugged in the console. The Memory Key keeps track of wins/losses, money earned, items obtained, experience levels of elemental types, and progress in game modes. It also has an LCD screen that players can view several of their stats on without having to plug it into the console. The screen can display the current experience level of each elemental type by scrolling along the symbols on the screen, the player's current money total, medals earned in game modes, and their current floor in Battrio Tower.
[[File:Memory Key Pachirisu color.png|thumb|left|A "{{p|Pachirisu}}-color" Memory Key from the Battrio S upgrade]]
Memory Keys are available in various different colors including the standard red or blue, and various {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}-themed color schemes, which generally tie-in with puck expansion releases.