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Unova Route 10

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better to avoid "region" (just "route" generally suits) due to its meaning in the Pokémon universe
==Route description==
A river flows down the center of this route, and the terrain of the region is littered with cliffs. To the north are the Badge Check Gates, which lead to {{un|Victory Road}} and ultimately the {{un|Pokémon League}}. Each area between the gates represents the type of the Gym each [[badge]] for the that specific Badge Check Gate was obtained from. Many {{p|Foongus}} and {{p|Amoonguss}} live thoughout the route, some taking the appearance of item balls.
==Places of interest==
====Trio Badge Gate====
ThisThe areaTrio Badge Gate is composed of features that represent the three types used by Cilan, Chili, and Cress:. forRespectively, Cilan's repesentation of the {{type|Grass}} therethey are: shrubs, small trees, flowers and grass, while for Chili's specialty in {{type|Fire}} there are; two burning torches on the north side of the river, and for Cress's use of {{type|Water}} there isstream; a small stream which cannot be {{m|surf}}ed on or [[fishing|fished]] in flowing through the center of the area, with a bridge crossing it. There are also two restaurant tables on the south side of the river.
====Basic Badge Gate====
The Basic Badge Gate is a garden with hedges and [[tall grass]]: both normal tall grass and {{DL|tall grass|dark grass}}. This is the only gate where [[wild Pokémon]] can be encountered; these Pokémon are the same as those found in the main regionrest of Route 10. There are three poles connected via red velvet rope, similar to what is seen in museums. There are pieces of what appear to be ancient stone ruins.
====Insect Badge Gate====
====Bolt Badge Gate====
Inside theThe Bolt Badge Gate there ishas a metal bridge, with three glass tubes containing blue electricity on each side, connected underneath the bridge with electric blue wiring. This is the only gate with an NPC besides the gate guard; an NPC with the sprite of an {{tc|Ace Trainer}} stands here.
====Quake Badge Gate====
====Jet Badge Gate====
In the center of theThe Jet Badge Gate ishas a large seemingly bottomless crevasse with a strong, constant gust coming out of it, blowing leaves out with it. The player can cross the crevasse by simply walking across, floating withdue the aid ofto the gust. However, theTthe player cannot run while being lifted.
====Freeze Badge Gate====
The ground of the Freeze Badge Gate ishas covereda inmass of [[Ice tile#Slippery ice tile|slippery ice]], with icy pillars used as a part of a sliding puzzle. This is the only gate which involves a puzzle.
====Legend Badge Gate====