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Ash's Krookodile

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Trivia: rewording to be more appropriate now that its been captured
* SimilarKrokorok tois the recurringsecond {{an|Jigglypuff}}'sPokémon microphonebelonging andto {{TP|MadameAsh Muchmoney|Snubbull|Granbull}}'s ribbons, Krokorokto hashave a distinctivesignature item, ofafter its{{AP|Squirtle}}. ownInterestingly, thatthey itboth carrieswore aroundsunglasses, constantly:albeit itsKrokorok sunglasseswith more frequency.
* Krokorok's evolution was the first live evolution in the {{series|Best Wishes}}. It featured a new evolution effect, replacing the one that had been used since the {{series|original}}.
* Krokorok's capture was first revealed in the Japanese ending ''[[Seven-colored Arch]]''.