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Suicune (Pokémon)

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Suicune is thought to have been based on many different creatures and mythological deities, mainly the Chinese and Japanese {{wp|Qilin}} or "Kirin", an Eastern legend that has traits of {{wp|eastern dragonsunicorns}}, {{wp|unicornsdeer}}, {{wp|deergiraffes}}, {{wp|big cats}}, and other beasts. It is able to walk on water and is known to be a powerful and peaceful creature. The crest on Suicune's head roughly matches the description of the beast's antler's. It also appears that Suicune, unlike its kin, is a herbivore due to its molar teeth, face and eye orientation, which further relates it to the Quilin. The spots of Suicune are also significant, seeming to combine the spots of a {{wp|leopard}}, taking homage from {{wp|Fujin}}, the Shinto god of The North Wind, who wears leopard skin; also some species of leopards are found in Asia and are featured in myths that show it is a widely respected sacred animal like the Qilin. The way it runs and roars in the anime also relates to the leopard. Suicune's anatomy may also be based on the {{wp|cheetah}}, which is considerable, due to the fact that cheetahs and leopards, both being swift, sleek spotted cats, are often confused with each other and thought to be the same animal. The idea that Suicune is the embodiment of the wind also relates to a {{wp|Native American}} belief that cheetahs, or {{wp|american cheetah}}s, were the personifications of the north wind. The {{wp|Plains Indian}} description of the cat is very close to Suicune, specifically the tail, which was described as being "caught in a white whirlwind" when it ran. Being a Pokémon that represents the wind and rain, Suicune may also be based on some of the world's numerous myths of wind goddesses, such as Anitong Tabo, who according to the {{wp|Deities of Philippine mythology|Philippine mythology}}, was the goddess of winds and rains. Suicune's mane is meant to resemble a northern {{wp|aurora}}.
====Name origin====