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Entei (Pokémon)

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Entei is based on {{wp|Chinese guardian lions}}, or Lions of Foo, creatures that resemble fully grown male lions. They are often confused with canines and incorrectly called "Foo Dogs" by Westerners. Their original significance was serving as guardians (like gargoyles upon churches) at Buddhist temples. The image of a ferocious beast would scare intruders away. This correlates with Entei being seen as a guardian in the third movie, protecting Molly and her allies.
Like a real lion, Entei boasts a regal mane, long retractable claws, and a strong, bulky, yet agile body. Its face is short and bears resemblance to a lion's skull-- short and wedged, but with the unique flatness that ShiShi statues also bore. The yellow design on its head could be interpreted as a stylized crown or a Kabuto helmet. In China, the lion is regarded as a symbol of power and strength. Lions are also popularly known as symbols of fire. However, Entei also resembles large short-muzzled {{wp|Molosserdog}} dogss, such as a {{wp|mastiff}}. Entei's brown shaggy fur and white paws and muzzle are similar to a {{wp|St. Bernard}}, a large dog known for its strength. Its lion-like appearance, mask-like face, and masses of fur make it look like the Balinese lion spirit {{wp|Barong (mythology)|Barong}}, a guardian spirit who kills the wicked witch {{wp|Rangda}} in order to maintain the balance of good and evil.
Entei's roar is known throughout the Pokémon world as a sign of a new volcano erupting, and a new Entei being born. Entei may also have some inspiration from the {{wp|Aterui}}, the chief of the Emishi, who was later labeled as a demon called 'Aka-gashira' (Red-Head). It also has the appearance of a {{wp|volcano}}, its head is volcano-shaped and has a bright yellow eruption-flame on the top, and the red {{wp|magma}} is seen on the side of its face, it has volcanic smoke leaving from the back and has two spiky mountains on the back.