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My name's Geo, known online by the name Jio or Jioruji Derako. I'm a graphic artist, working in a variety of mediums, from digital painting to 3D modeling to CSS coding (I'm the creator of the Erika's Garden skin here on Bulbapedia, as well as a few of the event skins we've had). I'm also an avid gamer, and have been a fan of the Pokémon games for a long while; RPG and strategy games are my forté, and the franchise has always done a wonderful job of keeping me entertained.
On Bulbapedia, I'm a previous member of the {{BP|Editorial Board}}, officially holding the title of Appearance Coordinator. I'm also responsible for Bulbapedia's {{bp|signature policy}}, and always ready to answer questions or provide assistance if anyone is finding themselves stumped by anything from our policies to the intricacies of wiki-coding. If you've got questions or problems, my talk page is always open; if you need to contact me directly, your best bet is to simply [mailto:[email protected] e-mail me.]
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