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Spring 2008 Collector's Tins
=== Spring 2008 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:DP-Collector-Tin-2.png|right|thumb|Spring 2008 Collector's Tins]]
These tins include both Dialga LV.''X'' and Palkia LV.''X'' promotional cards as released in Japan, as well as a new Darkrai LV.''X'' promotional card which was never released in Japan. This card uses promotional artwork used for the release of {{TCG|Secret Wonders|Shining Darkness}} in Japan. For a limited time the tins contained 1 of 4 [[Pokemon Trading Figure Game|Pokemon Trading Figures]] which were either [[Pikachu (Next Quest 18)|Pikachu]], [[Charizard (Next Quest 1)|Charizard]], [[Groudon (Next Quest 3)|Groudon]], or [[Venusaur (Groundbreakers 34)|Venusaur]].
For a limited time, the tins contained 1 of 4 {{TFG|Pokémon figure}}s from the [[Pokémon Trading Figure Game]]: either {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Pikachu|18}}, {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Charizard|1}}, {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Groudon|3}}, or {{TFG ID|Groundbreakers|Venusaur|34}}. This was the only time Venusaur was released.
'''Promotional cards:'''