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'''Pokémon''' (Japanese: '''ポケットモンスター''' ''Pocket Monsters''; '''ポケモン''' ''Pokémon'' for short) are 649 known species of creatures that inhabit the [[Pokémon world]], of which 646 have been officially revealed. It is implied that there are more [[Future generations of Pokémon|waiting to be discovered]], however. Inherent to them are several fantastic powers not demonstrated by most real animals, such as manipulation of {{t|electric}}ity and {{t|fire}}. Pokémon are shown to exist instead of animals in their world, although animals are also seldom seen in older media. While most Pokémon resemble animals and may behave like them, there are many that do not resemble animals at all; taking on other forms such as plants, inanimate objects, machines, human-like forms or other more enigmatic and exotic appearances. Pokémon inhabit an extremely diverse range of habitats, ranging from the driest deserts to the lushest jungles, the deepest oceans to the highest mountains and everything else in-between, even [[Extraterrestrial Pokémon|space]] and other [[dimensions]]. Pokémon take up various ways of living in those places. However, all can be befriended and made into potential allies.
Many Pokémon are known to [[evolution|evolve]] from or into other Pokémon, a process that typically makes them larger and stronger, and could be seen as the equivalent to "growing up". Pokémon typically know several [[move|techniques]] that they can use in {{pkmn|battle}} or elsewhere, either to defend themselves or their Trainer, or to perform a task. Most Pokémon are known [[cry|only to say their name]].
In the anime, Pokémon are shown to be creatures with distinctively more human-like qualities than normal animals, with several even [[talking Pokémon|able to speak]]. Some Pokémon have the ability to speak the dubbing language instead of their own names, such as {{MTR}} of {{TRT}}. They also seem to be able to understand [[human]] speak, while most humans can't understand their speak.
The anime takes a clear stance of right and wrong on the use of Pokémon: Trainers such as {{Ash}} are shown to treat their Pokémon with respect, as partners and friends, while evil organizations like [[Team Rocket]] are shown to use Pokémon as mere tools, keeping them in cages, making them fight to exhaustion -- a stark contrast to Ash and his {{AP|Pikachu}}, who he treats as his best friend and keeps on his shoulder, rather than in a [[Poké Ball]], because of its own preference.