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Haircut brothers

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The younger of the Haircut brothers is cheaper at {{PDollar}}300, but his service is often less satisfactory. However, the younger brother has a chance of occasionally increasing a Pokémon's Happiness to a greater degree than the older brother is capable. The older brother is more reliable but more expensive at {{PDollar}}500.
==HappinessIn levelthe games==
===Happiness level===
The brothers will raise a Pokémon's Happiness by one of three random levels:
:For older brother, +5 for values 0-199, +2 for values 200-249
The brothers never work at the same time. The brother that is on shift depends on the day of the week. On Mondays, neither brother is available for haircuts.
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==In the anime==
The brothers made a minor appearance in [[EP158|''A Goldenrod Opportunity'']], when [[Ash]] and [[Whitney]] accidentally ended up at their shop in Goldenrod City. They offered to give the trainers' [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]] and {{p|Clefairy}} a new look but the two declined.
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