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List of items by index number (Generation I)

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Each item has a number used to identify it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in any [[Generation I]] [[Game Boy]] game.
The names of items are stored in the ROM at offset 0x472B with one byte for every character. An additional byte (with value 0x50) is used to tell the game that the next item belongs to the next index number.
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==Invalid items (adjacent names)==
The names of items endsend at offset 0x4A62. Following on directly from offset 0x4A63 are a list of floor names which are stored in the same format as items, meaning that they can be forced to appear as items, although they do not have valid effects and can freeze the game when used. These names are used by lifts startingand are retrieved from the same ROM location., meaning Therethere is nothing in the game to suggest that these would everonce become real items.
Other names appear onwards from (0x4A92) before the names of HMs and TMs., Someappearing ofas theseglitch appearitems. asWhereas some glitch items have invalid names, others appear with names such as the name of the player's rival. <ref>[ Glitch City Laboratories ItemDex project]</ref>