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Yappy easily manages to convince Ryouga to forgive him and Ryouga goes to battle Rend. As they battle, Rend reveals that he had known Ryouga's father, Garyuu, in the past. After being defeated by him, Ryouga is given an offer to become stronger by Rend. Next, the three are seen at Rend's house and is woken up by him so Ryouga can start his training. Ryouga, after doing various tasks, is knocked out by Rend and sent inside of his own Burst Heart in order to better connect with Zekrom. Ryouga travels through the fields of the Burst Heart and eventually finds a young man who tells him that Zekrom has no intention of meeting with him.
[[File:Ryouga medal get.png|thumb|left|200px|Ryouga taking Rabine's medal]]
The two battle each other and eventually Ryouga emerges the victor after saving the boy from falling. The boy reveals himself as the key that leads the way to Zekrom. The gatekeeper boy allows Ryouga to see Zekrom and once the large dragon appears, it welcomes Ryouga. Ryouga and Zekrom begin to converse with each other; Zekrom states that if he gives him his power, evil people will come to harm his friends and family and asks if he wants that to happen. Ryouga replies that he does not want that to happen because he wants to become strong enough to defeat his enemies and protect his allies at the same time. Zekrom allows the boy to uses his powers and Ryouga is awoken from his unconscious state. Ryouga and Rend have a quick sparring match to test Ryouga's new strength and finds out that with Zekrom's abilities, Ryouga has become much stronger.
There, Ryouga meets several other Burst Warriors along with meeting up with Carola and Hariru again. Using his Burst, Ryouga passes the first round, Suddenly Bottomless Survival, and moves onto the second one. Due to Miruto and Yappy not being Burst Warriors, they are kidnapped by the tournaments navigator, Pauline, and are held for ransom. In the second round, Box Escape Survival, Ryouga is paired up against the young ninja [[Karuta]] who has entered BHS to heal his disease-plagued village. Figuring out how to escape the box they are trapped in, Ryouga and Karuta manage to pass onto the next round, "Add-Up-To-Ten Survival.
[[File:Ryouga medal get.png|thumb|right|200px|Ryouga taking Rabine's medal]]
In the third round, "Add-up-to-ten Survival", Ryouga is given the medal labeled 1, marking him as the last to leave their box from the previous round, much to his annoyance. Due to his low number, anyone Ryouga attempts to fight only runs away, much to his frustration. Eventually, Ryouga encounters Dokan, the {{p|Garbodor}} Burst Warrior and finds out that he took Karuta's medal.
With the new strength he gained from connecting to Zekrom, Ryouga is now strong enough to take Hariru's attacks much easier than he did before. Eventually, when the two become exhausted, Ryouga decides to use his remaining strength to fire one last powerful attack at Hariru. When Haririu attempts to block the attack, he hears the pained screams of Carola for him in the distance, distracting him long enough to be hit by the attack. Hariru emerges from the smoke, staggers, and falls down defeated while Ryouga tiredly looks over him.
[[File:Ryouga vs Fraud.png|thumb|200px|right|Ryouga and Fraud battling]]
Hariru, despite the beating he took, manages to get up and defeats Ryouga once more. Hariru takes Ryouga's 1 medal and decides that even though he lost this battle, he must win the tournament and get his revenge. Later, Ryouga is woken up from Rabine who tells him that he was defeated by Hariru. Ryouga angrily shouts at his defeat and accidentally knocks out Rabine in the process. Noticing what he has done, Ryouga takes Rabine's four medal, giving him a total of 12 points and the ability to go onto the next round.
In the fourth round, "Seesaw Balloon Survival", Ryouga is paired up against Shin. Despite Shin being a powerful foe, Ryouga manages to pop Shin's ballon and win the battle by using clever momentum techniques.
In the final round, Ryouga is paired up against the boss of Great Gavel, [[Fraud]]. Wanting to avenge Hariru and Carola for the injustices they suffered by his hands, Ryouga faces him in a sumo wrestling-like match. Fraud proves to be a powerful opponent and nearly defeats Ryouga by absorbing his energy and using it to power his own attack so he can destroy the stage. Even though he was knocked into the water, Ryouga remembers his past and gains the energy to fight again. Having gotten back onto what little parts of the stage remain, Ryouga continues his battle against Fraud and eventually notices his attacks are doing a little damage to him. With the advice of the now-awakened Hariru, Ryouga focuses all of his power into one attack and strikes Fraud.