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In terms of value, 1st Edition cards are typically worth more than their Unlimited counterparts. However, as mentioned above, some of the last English 1st Edition sets were released either at the same time or after their Unlimited release, making them much less valuable compared to early TCG Expansion runs. The most valuable 1st Edition cards are regarded to be those from Base Set, as they were released before the Pokémon phenomenon got into full motion in the West. By the time the TCG became fully established, much of the 1st Edition had already sold out. With the first starter decks produced containing a foiled 1st Edition Machamp they laid down the style in which 1st Edition cards would appear.
1st Edition runs from later Expansions also showed card inconsistencies from their intended appearance (see [[Error cards]]). Many error cards provide additional material for collectors, as they are usually corrected in subsequent Unlimited runs. Those that are not (usually text in attacks that do not match what was intended) are detailed in card errata issued by the gaming body.
[[Image:CharizardCardComparison.jpg|thumb|right|Comparison between Base Set 1st Edition, "Shadowless" and Unlimited runs.]]
Base Set is also unique in that Wizards were still experimenting with the layout and aesthetics of the cards after the 1st Edition run, which becomes apparent when cards from both 1st Edition and Unlimited are compared. The most obvious change is the weighting of text for HP values and attacks; they are much bolder in Unlimited. Another was the inclusion of a drop shadow under the character illustration window, supposedly added to give the card more depth. This later inclusion led to the naming of a transitional run, often called '''Shadowless''', in which a small print run of Base Set was produced without the 1st Edition symbol, as well as without the changes mentioned above that were added in the actual Unlimited run. The Shadowless cards are also highly sought after by collectors.
1st Edition runs from later Expansions also showed[[Trainer card inconsistencies(TCG)|Trainers]] fromand their intended appearance[[Energy (see [[ErrorTCG)|Energy cards]]). Manyfrom error[[Base cardsSet provide(TCG)|Base additional material for collectorsSet]], asdon't theyhave arethe usuallyimage correctedbox inlacking subsequentthe Unlimitedshadow, Thosecan't thatbe areShadowless, nothowever, (usually text in attacks that do not match what was intended)there are detailedother indifferences cardfrom errata issued by thethis gamingprint bodyrun.
The major difference is: The copyright info.
*The Shadowless print run says "(c) 1995, 96, 98, 99" while the Unlimited runs leave off the "99".