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'''Trixie''' (Japanese: '''ヒバリ''' ''Hibari'') is the [[character of the day]] in ''[[EP153|Love, Totodile Style]]''. She and her Pokémon were performers in a Pokémon circus. She is voiced by [[Amy Birnbaum]] in English and 高田由美 ''Yumi Takada'' in Japanese.
Trixie met {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|friends}} when looking for her lost {{P|Azumarill}}. Recently, Azumarill has started acting differently and not performing as well as it used to. [[Ash's Totodile]] fell in love with Azumarill, but Azumarill wanted nothing to do with it. When Azumarill was captured by [[Team Rocket]], Totodile came to its rescue, but was captured as well. Trixie had a {{P|Pidgey}} lead them to Team Rocket's balloon, and Ash's Pokémon set the captives free. Azumarill finally expressed its love for, not Totodile, but Trixie's {{P|Golduck}}, helping it get over its performance anxiety.
None of Marill's moves are known.}}
==Voice actors==
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|ja=高田由美 ''Yumi Takada''
|en=[[Amy Birnbaum]]}}
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