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Giant (EP029)

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[[Image:Giant.png|250px|thumb|Giant, tied up, and stripped by [[Jessie]]]]
'''Giant''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|G|ジャイアント}}{{tt|高田|たかだ}}''' ''Giant Takada'') is a [[character of the day]] in the {{pkmn|anime}} who appeared in ''[[EP029|The Punchy Pokémon]]''. He is voiced by ''[[Unshō Ishizuka]]'' in Japanese.
Giant and his {{p|Hitmonlee}} were going to be competitors in the [[P1 Grand Prix]]. {{TRT}} wanted to compete as well so they could win the grand prize. Realizing they didn't have any {{type2|Fighting}} Pokémon, they decided to steal one.
Hitmonlee's known moves are {{m|Mega Kick}}{{tt|*|Dub only}} and {{m|Hi Jump Kick}}{{tt|*|Japanese version only}}.}}
==Voice actors==
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|ja=石塚運昇 ''[[Unshō Ishizuka]]''}}
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