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|desc={{p|Wigglytuff}}'s first appearance was in ''[[AG181|Thinning the Hoard!]],'' where it was used in the Double-battle round of the [[Kanto Grand Festival]]. It battled alongside [[Harley's Cacturne]] against [[May's Glaceon|May's Eevee]] and {{TP|May|Munchlax}}. Even though Cacturne was defeated, Wigglytuff was still noa match for Eevee and Munchlax as it had the capability to expand its rubber-like body. Their attacks were rendered useless on Wigglytuff. After learning from [[Lilian Meridian|Lilian]] that Wigglytuff was the Balloon Pokémon, May quickly thought of a plan to utilize this to her advantage. She had her Eevee shoot a {{m|Shadow Ball}} and Munchlax destroy the attack, which resulted in an explosion, making Wigglytuff lose its balance. Wigglytuff was eventually defeated by May's Munchlax's {{m|Focus Punch}}, with the help of Eevee.
Wigglytuff reappeared in ''[[DP076|A Full Course Tag Battle!]]'', during {{an|May}}'s flashback of Drew and Harley. She mentions that she can't beat either of them yet.