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How to Operate the Unova Pokédex
=====How to Operate the Unova Pokédex=====
When first starting up the Pokédex function, the DS system will show an image of the Unova Pokédex as it would appear closed: The single screen on the top screen of the DS and the design on the lower screen. By either waiting 5 seconds, tapping the touchscreen, or by pressing the A button, the player can turn on the Pokédex, showing an animation on the DS screens of the Pokédex opening and revealing its top screen. After the animation stops briefly, the picture shown on the DS will expand, making it appear as if the Pokédex screens are turning on. If the player first started up the game and did not view the Pokédex since the game session started, the first Pokémon with Unova Pokédex data would be shown. For example, if the first Pokémon with Unova Pokédex data was [[Tepig]], then Tepig's image would be shown when the Pokédex reaches its list of Pokémon. This does not apply for Pokémon that were introduced before Gen. V, even if National Mode is enabled. If the Pokédex was already used before in the same game session, it would show the Pokémon that was previously viewed, regardless of what Generation it was introduced in. Upon selecting a Pokémon from the list, its page will appear only if the player has at least seen one before. Along the bottom of the page, six buttons appear. The one on the far left scrolls up in the Pokédex entries and the one to the immediate right of it scrolls down in the Pokédex entries. Next to those are four sections: "INFO", which displays the Pokédex entry and is the page that is displayed upon selecting a Pokémon. Next to that is "AREA", which shows the Pokémon's area. To the right of that is "CRY", which plays the Pokémon's cry, and to the right of that is "FORMS", which displays the form(s) that have been seen. In "INFO", its Pokédex Entry will be displayed. If it has not been caught before, only its image, National Pokédex number, and Pokémon name will be displayed. Species names, height, and weight will have question marks next to them. Footprints, the "Captured" icon, and its Pokédex entry will be completely blank. The voice feature is simple. Tapping on the bottom screen will allow the player to hear the cry. Once the player reaches Mistralton City, Cedric Juniper will upgrade the Pokédex so that it will have the ability to show a particular Pokémon's different forms. Before being upgraded, the Pokédex only has the ability to show the male and female form differences such as [[Bidoof]]. The upgraded version is also able to switch forms of Pokémon in "Form Comparison Mode," known in the game as "COMPARE," via a small horizontal scroll bar on the lower screen of the DS system, just below the form name. This can also be used by pressing the left and right buttons on the D-Pad on a DS system. Although, this scroll bar is only shown if there are more than 2 different forms of a Pokémon. [[Deerling]], for example, would show the scroll bar because it has 4 forms total, although the player needs to have seen them before they can be seen in the Pokédex. Below the Pokémon's sprite, two buttons appear, with a third appearing while comparing forms, which can be done by tapping the sprite. The standard two are "SELECT", which turns the Pokémon's sprite around so that its face would face away from you, and "START", which starts the sprite's animation. The Pokémon can be rotated while the sprite is moving. These can also be used by pressing the START button on a DS to start the animation, and by pressing the SELECT button on a DS to rotate it. The third button only appears while two forms are shown, which switches th positions of the two sprites. This button is located on the black bar at the bottom of the touch screen and cannot be pressed with a button on the DS. The form shown on the left will be the form shown if the player exits Compare Mode. For example, if Wash Rotom was shown on the left and Mow Rotom was shown on the right, if the side switch button was pressed, Mow Rotom would be on the left and Wash Rotom would be on the right. If Compare mode was left, Mow Rotom would be shown in the "Single Form" function instead of Wash Rotom, and would be the sprite shown if that was exited as well. In Single Form Mode, known in-game as "FORMS," the scroll bar does not appear, but instead there are small green arrows on both sides of the form name at the top of the touch screen, which only appear if more than one form has been seen. Different from Generation IV's version, the forms feature will also show the shiny version of the Pokémon; the last sprite selected will become the one displayed in the main entry. Like Generation III and Generation IV, this Pokédex does have the height and weight feature, but it lacks the ability to compare a Pokémon's height and weight to its Trainer, a feature that was in Generation IV.
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