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::I've bolded what you need to fix it. It's already in the proper location where it needs to be in my example. <sup>[[Typhlosion (Pokémon)|<span style="color:#C00;">★</span>]]</sup>[[User:Jo The Marten|<span style="color:#C00;">Jo the Marten</span>]]<sup>[[Flygon (Pokémon)|<span style="color:#C00;">★</span>]]</sup> [[User_Talk:Jo The Marten|<span style="color:#C00;">ಠ_ಠ</span>]][[Cilan (anime)|<span style="color:#90C870;">♥</span>]] 16:11, 6 January 2012 (UTC)
== To remember codes ==
<pre> {{tt|visible word|hovered word}} </pre>
{{tt|visible word|hovered word}}