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Ash's Pidgeot

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Ash caught Pidgeot as a {{p|Pidgeotto}} in the [[Viridian Forest]], in ''[[EP003|Ash Catches a Pokémon]]''. Having failed to capture its pre-evolution, {{p|Pidgey}}, and also a {{p|Spearow}}, Ash was prepared to fight the Pidgeotto before attempting a capture. However, his {{AP|Caterpie}} was easily defeated by the {{type2|Flying}} Pokémon, but {{AP|Pikachu}} used {{m|ThunderShock}} to weaken Pidgeotto and Ash captured it. Its first battle was against [[Team Rocket trio|Team Rocket]], but both it and Pikachu were defeated by {{TP|Jessie|Ekans}} and {{TP|James|Koffing}}.
It reappeared in ''[[EP004|Challenge of the Samurai]]'', where it managed to weaken a wild {{p|Weedle}} for Ash to capture, but the small bug escaped when [[Samurai]] arrived and challenged Ash to a battle. Weakened by battle with Weedle, Pidgeotto battled SamuraSamurai's {{p|Pinsir}} and was defeated by a {{m|Tackle}}. It also battled {{TP|Brock|Geodude}} when Ash had a rematch with {{an|Brock}}, but its {{m|Gust}} proved ineffective on the [[Rock (type)|Rock]]/{{type2|Ground}} Pokémon, and it was knocked out and recalled.
[[File:Ash Pidgeotto Gust.png|thumb|left|220px|Repelling [[Misty's Starmie]] with {{m|Gust}}]]
It had a much more successful battle in the [[Cerulean]] Gym, where it fought {{TP|Misty|Starmie}}. Although the battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, Pidgeotto easily had the upper hand over Starmie, using Gust to propel Starmie with great force into the gym's wall. However, it was defeated easily along with {{AP|Butterfree}} by [[A.J.]]'s powerful {{p|Sandshrew}}, despite the type advantage.