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{{wrongtitle|ゥ {{PDollar}} (F0)}}
| name=ゥ $
| dispname=ゥ {{PDollar}}
| image=PokedollarGlitch.png
| size=80
| caption=ゥ {{PDollar}}
| ndex=174
| typen=1
'''ゥ {{PDollar}}''' is a Fighting-type [[glitch Pokémon]]. This glitch is located at Hex F0, the same as the Pokémon currency symbol, {{PDollar}}.
It is the {{game|Red and Blue|s}} equivalent of [[. ゥ ( .I' .]]. It cannot be obtained by using the [[Mew glitch]] with a special stat of 240; instead the player will fight Sabrina. However one can trade a [[. ゥ ( .I' .]] from Yellow, which will then change into {{PDollar}}.
|name1=ゥ $ (F0)
|displayname1=ゥ <s>P</S>$
*ゥ {{pdollar}}'s Attack stat is higher than any legitimate Pokémon, barely surpassing that of {{p|Deoxys}}'s Attack Forme.
*ゥ {{pdollar}}'s Speed stat is lower than any legitimate Pokémon, being slower than even {{p|Shuckle}} and {{p|Munchlax}}.
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