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As with most games that have a collection element, the pucks in Pokémon Battrio have several levels of rarity across each expansion, as more powerful Pokémon are inherently rarer than weaker ones. Rarity in Battrio is displayed by featuring the designs of different [[Poké Ball]]s on the reverse of pucks, and their primary color schemes on the outer circumference on both sides. Each expansion features four core rarities: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master, represented by a Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball respectively. As the development of Battrio has continued, other Poké Ball designs have been used on special promotional pucks, or on secret pucks included in main expansions. Typically, all Hyper and Master pucks have holographic illustration. Some pucks, particularly in later Battrio 0 expansions had additional aesthetic enhancements such as translucent circumferences and glitter-treated circumferences.<br>
With the Battrio V upgrade, rarity is indicated by stars on the front and reverse of the pucks. Single rarity pucks have no additional features; Double rarity pucks have translucent spin colors and a holographic illustration; Triple rarity pucks have glitter-treated circumferences and a holographic illustration; Fourth rarity pucks have glitter-treated circumferences and a lenticular image illustration, giving a 3D effect. The table below lists the current rarities in Battrio.
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}; {{roundybl|7px}}" | [[File:Battrio icon V.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}; {{roundybr|7px}}" | If Great Success is achieved on all three sliders whenduring attackingthe Type Battle, the Pokémon will execute a V Move, which is significantly more powerful than its standard move
Debuting in the ''{{Battrio|Mewtwo Awakening}}'' expansion, Awakening utilises existing gameplay elements in various ways to provide additional bonuses to Pokémon on the field. Pokémon with Awakening are identified by a colored name box with the ability above their name. A Pokémon may only have one Awakening ability, hence pucks from one expansion may have identical versions with different Awakening abilities. Two Awakening abilities were introduced in ''Mewtwo Awakening''; two in ''{{Battrio|Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon}}'', and two in ''{{Battrio|Endless Fierce Battle}}''. The effects Awakening provide are listed in the adjacent table. Awakening was no longer supported with the Battrio V upgrade.
====Puck colors and Spinspin colors====
Introduced on pucks from Battrio V, pucks may have either a black or white base as opposed to the Poké Ball designs prior to the upgrade. Grouping pucks by their base color will determine which Legendary Pokémon is summoned if '''[[Advent (Battrio)|Advent]]''' is successfully triggered (see [[#Battling|Battling]]). Pucks with black bases will summon different Pokémon compared to those with white bases. Pucks also have colored segments at three points of the circumference, which denotes their spin color. Spin colors are either green, red, or blue. Triple rarity pucks do not to have Spin colors. Grouping pucks by their spin color will allow the player to use '''Spin Attacks''' during the course of the battle. As with the base color, the spin color determines which Pokémon will be summoned upon a successful Spin Attack. From the ''{{Battrio|Burning Wings - Cold Fangs}}'' expansion onwards, Pokémon summoned for a Spin Attack may also inflict an added special effect, which share similarities with status ailments in the core games. These are listed below. Triple rarity and Fourth rarity pucks do not to have base colors or spin colors.
{| class="expandable" width="70%"
[[File:BattrioPuckScan.jpg|thumb|220px|Scanning pucks. Here the player has scanned in a {{p|Ho-Oh}} puck as their second Pokémon.]]
Upon starting a battle, the player has 60 seconds to scan in up to three Battrio pucks using the infrared scanner in the center of the console. The data is then transferred and each respective Pokémon will appear on screen. If the player has only one or two pucks, the game will assign random Pokémon to make the deficit. Players can scan two pucks portraying the same Pokémon as long as they are different in terms of stats or abilities. One could have a {{OBP|Turtwig|01-016}} from ''{{Battrio|Dialga and Palkia Clash}}'' and a {{OBP|Turtwig|02-022}} from ''{{Battrio|Darkrai Invasion}}'', but not two Turtwig from ''Dialga and Palkia Clash'' for example.<br>
After scanning each puck, the player must then move them onto the 4x4 grid. When the player has finished scanning their pucks, the battle is ready to begin.<br>
From the ''{{Battrio|Fierce Gale - Thundering Thunderclaps}}'' expansion onwards, grouping pucks by their spin color will allow players to scan in a fourth puck. Unlike the initial three Pokémon which appear on the field, the fourth Pokémon can be summoned at specific points during the course of a battle for an extra attack.
===Puck positioning===
====In Battrio V====
[[File:BattrioVAttack.jpg|thumb|220px|A {{p|Samurott}} prepares to attack the opponent Pokémon.]]
A Pokémon that fills its Berry Gauge will initiate a battle. Instead of choosing an opponent, the attacking Pokémon goes up against all three opponent Pokémon. ThreeThis phase is called the '''Type Battle'''. During this phase, three slider bars similar to the one introduced in Battrio 0 will appear displaying the types of the participating Pokémon. The player then has to hit the confirm button for each of these bars to determine if they will create a '''Danger Zone''' for their opponent to avoid. Hitting outside of the green area will not generate a Danger Zone; anywhere inside will generate a normal size Danger Zone. Hitting the red area (Great Success) will generate a larger than normal Danger Zone. The opponent then has just under three seconds to maneuver their pucks to avoid any Danger Zones before the attack commences (if all Danger Zones are strayed into, the timer is bypassed). Danger Zones appear as circles with a red 'X', but change to red pointed circles with 'キケン' ''danger'', when Pokémon stray into their path. The attack then commences, and damage is dealt to all three opposing Pokémon. Differences in Attack, Defense, type advantages/disadvantages and potential extra damage for Pokémon straying into Danger Zones is all taken into effect, but is not displayed as explicitly as previous Battrio versions. The total damage for all three Pokémon is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen and is the overall damage dealt to the opponent's HP bar. The process then continues until another Pokémon has filled its Berry Gauge.<br>
Collecting berries will also fill up the '''Team Gauge'''. For teams of Pokémon that have the same Spinspin colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by a colored puck will allow the player to perform a '''Spin Attack'''. While executing a Spin Attack, a player must move two pucks to the top of the grid out of the way and then begin moving their selected Pokémon in a circular motion on the grid. Speed and rhythm are important, as the opponent will also be spinning one of their pucks to counter the player's attack. As long as the player generates enough power as indicated on the spin gauge to keep their opponent from pushing their marker back behind the required point on the gauge, the Spin Attack will succeed. A successful Spin Attack will summon a Pokémon from a number of candidates based on the team's Spinspin color to deal additional damage to the opponent. From the ''{{Battrio|Burning Wings - Cold Fangs}}'' onwards, additional special effects may also be applied.<br>
From the ''{{Battrio|Fierce Gale - Thundering Thunderclaps}}'' expansion onwards, grouping pucks by their spin color also allows players to scan in a fourth puck. During battle, this is indicated by an icon depicting the Pokémon in the bottom corner of the screen. When one of the main party Pokémon has filled its Berry Gauge, the player will be prompted to press the confirm button. Doing so in a timely manner will summon the fourth Pokémon for an attack after the party Pokémon has attacked.<br>
For teams of Pokémon that have the same base puck colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by the '''Advent''' symbol will summon one of a selection of powerful Pokémon depending on the base color. Summoning either will initiate a sequence in which the opponent has just under six seconds to avoid the Danger Zones of either Pokémon's pending attack. At the end of the countdown, the summoned Pokémon will unleash an attack dealing damage to the opponent.<br>
Upon winning a certain amount of matches, players may also gain the ability to activate '''V Power''' in their next battle. V Power increases the rate at which berries are dropped on the player's side of the field, allowing them to fill up their Berry Gauges and Team Gauge faster.