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In {{game3|Black and White|White|s}}, she is the [[Gym Leader]] of Opelucid City's gym. This gym is the eighth to be challenged by the player. Trainers who defeat Iris will receive the Legend Badge, along with {{TM|82|Dragon Tail}}. She also reappears at [[N's Castle]] where she and the other [[Unova]] Gym Leaders hold off the [[Seven Sages]]. In the summer, she visits [[Cynthia]] at [[Undella Town]], as do the other female Gym Leaders and Elite Four members.
In {{game3|Black and White|Black|s}}, she will teach {{m|Draco Meteor}} to the player's {{type|Dragon}} Pokémon if they have full [[happiness]]. She can be found inon the first floor of [[Drayden]]'s home in Opelucid City.