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"The MISTY wants to fight!": That's dependent on what you named your rival (wouldn't BLUE be a better example anyway?) and implied as it is, sounds redundant here.
Before the American and European releases of Pokémon Red and Blue, screenshots were released of a {{ga|Blue|rival}} battle with the text "The BLUE wants to fight!". While this text would work with a typical Trainer, such as "The {{tc|Lass|LASS}}" or "The {{tc|Hiker|HIKER}}", as they were not given personal names until [[Generation II]], it would cause problems with [[Gym Leader]], [[Elite Four]], rival, and game link battles, leaving them to end up as "The [[Misty|MISTY]]" or "The [[Lance|LANCE]]", as these Trainers did not at the time have titles, only their names. Because of this, the "The" article was dropped in the final version of the game, leading to the somewhat odd sentence style used until [[Generation III]] of "[Trainer's class/name] wants to..." In the first rival battle, the text would read "The ASH wants to fight!" and "The ASH sent out <starter Pokémon>!"
A screenshot in the instruction manual of {{game|Red and Blue|s}} still contains the text "The [[Brock|BROCK]] wants to fight!", possibly suggesting a late removal. The instruction manual also mentions Pokémon Leaders instead of Gym Leaders.
==="<Pokémon> CUT down a bush!"===
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