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Lavender Town

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Trivia: "Beta" version is not real/fan-made unless someone can cite evidence that it's found in any legitimate cartridge. Other YouTube link contains a screamer.
* In {{g|Pinball}}, Lavender Town appears on the Red table; catchable {{obp|Pokémon|species}} include {{p|Pidgey}}, {{p|Ekans}}, {{p|Mankey}}, {{p|Growlithe}}, {{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Gastly}}, {{p|Cubone}}, {{p|Electabuzz}} and {{p|Zapdos}}.
* In the German versions, Lavender Town is called Lavandia, the same name as the French for Mauville City.
* In v1.0 of {{2v2|Red|Green}}, Lavender Town's theme was slightly different and included a few high pitched notes in the background at certain intervals of its music. The mentioned theme can be listened to [ here].
* Also the Beta version of Lavender Town's theme was changed. The theme can be viewed at [ youtube].
* Lavender's motto before [[Generation IV]] was "The Noble Purple Town".
* In the Japanese edition of the Christian Bible, {{wp|Mt. Zion}} is called '''シオンの{{tt|山|さん}}''' ''{{tt|Shion no San|Mt. Shion}}'', which is the same as the Japanese name of Lavender Town.